Loreal Professional Hair SPA

Hair Wash
L'oreal Professionnel hair spa has been proven to have formulas that help in purifying the scalp by cleansing it making it fresh and supple. The cream bath is mixed with concentrate after shampooing. Its Detoxifying shampoo is enriched with Tea Tree oil, an anti-dandruff agent, and cooling menthol. This shampoo cleanses the scalp from impurities, dandruff, excess oil, odor. Color Pure shampoo contains ingredients like Clay, Geranium Oil and & UV filters radiance & protection for colored hair. Cream Bath and concentration are mixed and applied to the hair scalp by massaging the hair for 5-10mins. Then the hair is thoroughly washed after keeping it in the hair for 20-30 mins. Different types of hair spa products are recommended for different hair types. 

Keratin Treatement

GK Keratin Treatement

GK Keratin pH+ Shampoo is applied which works as a pre-treatment before applying the GK Hair taming system with Juvexin. pH+ opens hair cuticles and removes excess styling products and impurities buildup from the environment. Hair Taming system with Juvexin is a special protein which creates a shield over each strand, protecting the hair’s natural properties. It works on all hair types and leaves hair manageable, soft, shiny, smooth, and frizz free for up to 3-4 month.

GK Keratin Treatment is done in 2 days.
1. Keratin Treatment day, hair is shampooed with GK PH+ Shampoo & followed by step 2 Resistant Juvexin Treatment cream. Keratin Treatment cream once applied in the hair we use blow dryer and straightener to provide  heat locking  treatment cream in the hair.
2. Keratin followup wash day, this is done after 48 hours of ding keratin treatment. 

Brazilian Keratin Treatement

Long Hair
We also have Brazilian Keratin Treatment. The process is similar to GK Keratin Treatment. Brazilian Keratin Treatment is for customers who are looking for more budget friendly options.

Things to Keep in mind after doing keratin treatment.
1. Customers strongly use hair clips and rubber bands in wet hair.
2. Hair should be blow dried or completely dry before stepping out of the house.
3. Keratin Treatment shows its best result if hair care is followed properly.
4. Keratin treatments are not meant to make the hair straight, rather make them freeze free by filling  in the gaps with its protein content making it healthy and shiney. 
5. Hair Care Products which are silicone free are required to increase the expectancy of keratin in the hair. 

Customers Feedback

1. Hair gets really soft and frizz free.
2. Hair is wavy and not totally straight.
3. Hair looks naturally healthy.
4. Hair strands are stronger and don't break easily.
5. Weightless frizzy dry hair is easy to manage and has smoothness in it and my scalp has started producing its natural oil. 


Hair Straightening

L'oreal Professionnel Paris, X Tenso Straightening cream

After shampooing the hair Loreal Extenso extra resistance cream is applied in the wet/dry hair with an emulsification process. After applying the cream by doing a visual check of the hair we will wash the cream with clean water and blowdry it. We use straighteners for the pressing process by sectioning the hair to give the shape to hair with the proper amount of heat needed for the hair. As a result you will get naturally straight hair.

Clients are recommended with products, tips and tricks on how to do home care after  smoothing, rebounding or straightening the hair by professionals


Hair Color

1. L'oreal Paris Excellence Color

Excellence Crème Hair color products provide super rich care for super rich color. A permanent, non-drip crème that covers your grays, even the most resistant ones. The Triple Protection system cares for your hair before, during and after you color. Excellence Crème conditioning hair color leaves your hair with an absolutely gorgeous color. Rich, radiant, and impeccable from root to tip.


2. L'oreal Paris Professional Full hair Color

L'oreal Paris Professional Full hair color is applied without using any bleaching product beforehand. In this hair color technique the color is applied in the hair from root to tip covering the grey hair. This ammonia free vibrant permanent hair color imparts a shiny, sun-kissed look to hair. The color job gets done in around 1.5 - 2 hours.

3. Western hair color technique with wella, Loreal, schwarzkopf


Global Hair Color

Global Hair colouring technique is one of the trendiest looks we can see this season. Your hair is coloured with the same colour from roots to tip. The right colour can bring out the best in your complexion, frame your face better and make it look more attractive.  If you don't wish to experiment with the edgy hair highlights, global hair colour is a good idea. This also works great if you want to cover those grey with styles.  Average time needed to get the job done is around 2 - 3 hours. 

This color gives an exciting touch to your hair look.




Balayage Hair Color

Balayage hair color technique is completely freehand highlighting technique where there is no cap or guide of any sort is used. This allows the colorist to apply the color in a more specific area that they think will brighten your features. If you're a color newbie, balayage is a great option for you as its subtle highlighting technique softer natural looking, sunkissed hair. It's important to have realistic expectations. For instance, if you want balayage on black virgin hair, a darker shade like caramel  may be a good place to start rather than going for a brighter shade like ash. The Time required to color this hair in 3 hours minimum and may take a few hours more depending on the hair type and past color hystory.




Ombre Hair Color

Ombre is a hair color technique where all the  end results are darker at the roots with a transition to lightness at the mid-length and ends. Ombre is typically done with the lighter being placed horizontally with full saturation of the section and then blended upward to diffuse the line. The subtle ombre color technique is trending due to its overall effortlessness and cool-girl vibe that it lends to any hairstyle. Whether your hair is short and straight or long and flowing, a graduated hair color easily elevates your look. This hair color technique may take you 3 hours or more to complete the whole service.



4. Root touchup by L'oreal Paris

Root-touch up is a cost effective way to help seamlessly blend your roots into the rest of your hair. All over permanent hair color for stubborn gray provides 100% gray coverage and last upto 8 weeks.