7 Ayurvedic Beauty Secrets....By Midas Touch

Updated: Jun 4

7 Ayurvedic beauty Secrets...

.........That will make you look & feel great.

During old age, skin looks dry rough scaly, and wrinkle because there is no nutrition, no nourishment, and excessive dehydration.

So Ayurveda Says...

1. Drink enough water.

2. Know Your dominant Dosha?

Basic 3 qualities and personality of a person according to Ayurveda. Your personality type is dependent upon your DNA, soul, and demographic location.

An individual can have mixed qualities personalities with 3 dosha characteristics and their elements.


Elements: Air and Space.

These kinds of people are very very active they cannot sit in one place. Similar is his/her mental quality cannot focus on one thing at one time on a particular thing. They are agitators. They are like a wind that keeps blowing like a wind that is not steady at one place. They are very fickle.


- Lean body frame

- Very active

- Little sleep

- Easily agitated

- Poor appetite

- Digestion Issue

- Intolerant to cold

- Fickle by nature

- Unsteady in making a decision

Food to Reduce

- Caffeine and candies

- Unripe fruits

- Cold foods

- Salads

- Iced drinks

- Raw vegetables


Elements: Fire and Water

These people are very fiery. Their anger shoots up very fast. They cannot tolerate heat at all the moment it's hot their anger is more within them. They are very cheerful people. When they are in a group they easily attract people towards them because they talk very nicely and they are fond of getting around people with them. They get along with the people as well. The only drawback with them is the heat. They will eat very fast and digest very fast. If you don't give them food when they are hungry they will drag you nuts. They cannot tolerate hunger at all.


- Very Cheerful

- Very Sociable

- Quick Digestion

- Intolerant to hunger

- Intolerant to Heat

Food to Reduce

- Fermented foods & Egg yolks

- Pickles & Vinegar

- Butter and fat added

- Sour Cream, & Cheese

- Alcoholic


Elements: Earth and Water

The Kapha kind of people is like an elephant, very complacent. Does Not get angry soon but if he gets angry but it remains for a very long time. Everything it does is very slow but it takes its own time. Judgments are so powerful that once judges never will change.


- Calm and Composed

- Complacent Nature

- Firm Judgement

- Slow-paced

- Slow Digestion

- Sleeps Deeply

- Large Body Frame

Food to Reduce

- Sweet and Fatty Foods

- Deep-fried Foods

- Chilled Foods and Drinks

The main meal should be in the middle of the day, and only a light, dry meal in the evening.

3. Moisturize your face with coconut oil and whip up facial masks

Coconut oil has a cooling effect in nature and is not very heavy. You could also try an organic castor oil mask or clarified butter to your dry and irritated skin which will help the skin to bounce back.

4. Exfoliate with Sugar

Sugar helps boost cell turnover and retains moisture, mixing it with cooling, rejuvenating herbs and botanicals such as Rose Petals, Slippery elm, and False Daisy, for a facial scrub will give a cooling effect to the skin.

5. Spot-treat with neem oil

Use a cotton swab to apply it directly to pimples or spots of minor inflammation; it has a drying and cooling effect. Neem oil treatment gives the best results in summer.

6. Practice Oil Pulling

- Kill harmful bacteria in your mouth.

- Helps reduce bad breath.

- Reduce inflammation and improve gum.

- Help prevent cavities.

7. Do Avaynaga Oil Massage

Vata - Sesame oil

Pitta - Coconut oil or Sunflower oil.

Kapha - Mustard oil or korna natural oil.

These meditative oils at least if you apply to the whole body every day 10 or 5 mins before the shower and bath daily without using other chemical shampoo and soap.

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